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Sailor Venus
Birthday:October 22
Astrological Sign:Libra
Elements:Love & Gold
Blood Type:B
Favorite Food:Pasta
Least Favorite Food:Mushrooms
School:Grass Valley Junior High
Favorite School Subject:Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject:Everything Else
Has Trouble with:Police
Favorite Animal:Birds
Favorite Colors:Yellow, Red, Orange
Favorite Gem Stone:Topaz
Strong Point:Volleyball
Best Quality:Leadership
Hobbies:Wasting Time, Chasing Guys, Playing Games
Likes:Sports, Dancing, Gymnastics
Future Ambition:To Be Famous, Singer
Voice Actress:Stephanie Morgenstern

Before joining the Sailor Scouts, Mina fought crime alone in France as the totally awesome Sailor V! She was so popular that there were movies and comics and everything about her, even an archade game. Sailor V was Serena's idol, but when uniting with the Sailor Scouts she was changed to Sailor Venus. Mina is nice and easy to get along with. She quickly made friends with everyone, but she goes to a different school. She likes spending time with Serena, they're so alike, and especially loves her constant flattery. Just like Sailor Moon, Mina also has a guardian white cat named Artemis.
Attacks & Transformations
Venus Power
Mina says this to activate her transformation pen and turn into Sailor Venus
Venus Star Power
Mina says this to turn into Sailor Venus in the second series with new transformation pen.

Venus Crescent Beam Smash

This is Sailor Venus' main attack. She says this to create a massive energy beam from her fingertip that she can direct to a specific target.
Venus Meteor Shower
Sailor Venus says this to turn her normal Crescent Beam into a thousand meteroids which can be used to encircle and enemy.
Venus Love Chain Encircle
Sailor Venus says this to generate a chain of golden energy strung together that can trap an enemy within the confides of the chain.

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