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Super Sailorvenus

Senshi of Love and Beauty
Name:Aino Minako
Name Meaning:"Beauty of Love"
Birthday:October 22
Astrological Sign:Libra
Elements:Love & Gold
Blood Type:B
Favorite Food:Gyouza, Curry, Ramen
Least Favorite Food:Shiitake Mushrooms
School:Shibakouen Junior High School
Favorite School Subject:Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject:Everything Else
Has Trouble with:Police
Favorite Animal:Cats
Favorite Colors:Yellow, Red, Orange
Favorite Gem Stone:Topaz
Strong Point:Volleyball
Best Quality:Leadership
Hobbies:Wasting Time, Chasing Guys, Playing Games
Likes:Sports, Dancing, Gymnastics
Future Ambition:To Be Famous, Singer
Voice Actress:Fukami Rica

Description coming soon...
Crescent Beam
Sailorvenus points her finger in the air then at the enemy and shoots a string of energy at the youma.
Crescent Beam Shower
Sailorvenus aims a whole lots of energy at the youma.
Venus Love me Chain
Sailorvenus shoots a string of 'love energy' towards the oponent.
Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Super Sailorvenus kisses her hand then flings a bunch of energy in the shape of a heart at the enemy.

Venus Power, Make Up

Minako says this to transform into Sailorvenus.
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Minako uses a different transformation pen to transform into Sailorvenus.
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up
Minako says this to transform into Super Sailorvenus.
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