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Which Scout Are You Most Like?

If your score was between 9 -18 then you're most like Sailor Mercury!
Just like Amy, you're very reserved and you don't have much time for anything else but school and extra credit assignments. You take time to think things through. Not that that's a bad thing, you just need a life other than school!
If your score was between 19-27 then you're most like Sailor Moon!
You can be a bit flaky sometimes, but you're heart is pure gold. You're friends are very important to you. You enjoy the simple things in life, but you're not particularly crazy about school, which could be a bit of a problem sometimes.
If your score was between 28-36 then you're most like Sailor Jupiter!
You have a very strong personality and can over re-act sometimes (especially when it comes to your boyfriend!) but you really are a kind person. You don't like to hurt people's feelings because you don't like to have your feelings hurt by other. You're very aggressive, and sometimes act before thinking, which could get you in or out of trouble!
If your score was between 37-45 then you're most like Sailor Venus!
You're extremely friendly and not afraid to say what's on your mind. You like to look out for others, especially those younger than yourself. You see no need for violence, you prefer to talk things through. You're a loyal friend, which is a good quality to have!
If your score was between 46-54 than you're most like Sailor Mars
This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Some people may view you as a mean stuck up snob, but your true friends know you're not that mean. If there's something you want, you'll go to any means necassary to get it. Sometimes this can really hurt people around you. You should try thinking out your actions a bit more, try being a bit more generous. The world really isn't as bad as you might think.
We hope you enjoyed our quiz! Feel free to mail us any comments or suggestions.

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