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Sailor Moon
Birthday:June 30
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Blood Type:0 negative
Favorite Foods:Ice Cream, Cake, Peanut Butter & Jelly
Least Favorite Food:Carrots
School:Crossroads Junior High School
Favorite School Subjects:Home Economics, Music
Least Favorite Subject:Everything Else
Has Trouble with:Thunderstorms
Favorite Animal:Bunny Rabbit
Favorite Colors:Pink & White
Favorite Gem Stone:Diamond
Strong Points:Crying, Brownnosing
Best Quality:Loyal Friend
Likes:Eating, Playing Video Games
Dislikes:Pop Quizzes
Future Ambition:Princess & Wedding Bride
Voice Actresses:Terri Hawkes & Tracey Moore

Serena is definitely not who you would expect to be the leader of the Sailor Scouts. She's a little clumsy, lazy, carefree, and definitely more interested in games, comics, and dreaming about boys than fighting evil. Serena is very loyal to her friends, and will do anything to help them, even Raye, the person she gets along with the least. Like Sailor Venus, Serena has a guardian cat as well -- a talking cat named Luna. As Sailor Moon, she is a reluctant hero, even though she doesn't understand her powers.
Attacks & Transformations
Moon Prism Power
Serena says this to activate the locket that turns her into Sailor Moon.
Moon Crystal Power (Moon Star Power)
Serena says this to turn into Sailor Moon in the second series, after her first locket was destroyed.
Disguise Power
Serena says this to activate her Luna pen and disguise herself to go where she normally couldn't go as herself.

Moon Tiara Magic

Sailor Moon's main attack in the first series. Saying these words, she turns her tiara to a frisbee and throws it at Monsters, either destroying them or stopping them from doing something.
Moon Tiara Vaporize
Basically the same thing as Moon Tiara Magic, only used once in the series.
Moon Healing Activation
With the Cresent Moon Wand, Sailor Moon can heal those who were turned into monsters.
Cosmic Moon Power
This attack is used with the Imperium Silver Crystal and demonstrates the ultimate power of the crystal. This attack is only used to defeat the deadliest villians.
Moon Sceptre Elimination (Moon Septre Activation)
Sailor Moon uses the Moon Sceptre to turn monsters into Moon Dust.
Moon Crystal Healing Activation
Sailor Moon's locket along with the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal activated an attack that ridded all the negative energy from the crystal and also healing the four weird sisters.

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