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Super Sailormoon

Senshi of Love and Justice
Name:Tsukino Usagi
Name Meaning:"Rabbit of the Moon"
Birthday:June 30
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Blood Type:0 negative
Favorite Foods:Ice Cream, Cake
Least Favorite Food:Carrots
School:Juuban Junior High School
Favorite School Subjects:Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject:Everything Else
Has Trouble with:Dentists, Ghosts
Favorite Animal:Bunny Rabbit
Favorite Colors:Pink & White
Favorite Gem Stone:Diamond
Strong Points:Crying, Brownnosing
Best Quality:Loyal Friend
Likes:Eating, Playing Video Games
Dislikes:Pop Quizzes
Future Ambition:Princess & Wedding Bride
Voice Actress:Mitsuishi Kotono

Description coming soon...
Attacks & Transformations used as Sailormoon
Moon Tiara Action
Sailormoon throws her tiara like a frisbee.
Moon Tiara Star Dust
Same type of thing as above, but instead her tiara turns into dust rather than hitting the oponent.
Moon Healing Escalation
This attack turns the youma back into a human.
Moon Princess Halation
This attack uses Sailormoon's Cutie Moon Rod to eliminate the youma.
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Uses Sailormoon's Spiral Heart Moon Rod.
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Basically the same as above, but is a stronger attack used by Super Sailormoon.
Moon Georgeous Meditation
Super Sailormoon's attack using her Kaleid Moon Scope.
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Eternal Sailormoon's attack using the Eternal Tier. She spins around and sparkly dust goes everywhere.
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss
Attack using the Moon Power Tier.

Moon Prism Power, Make Up

Usagi says this to transform into Sailormoon.
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
Usagi also says this to transform into Sailormoon, but she uses a different broach.
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
Transforms Usagi into Sailormoon with a slightly different fuku.
Crisis, Make Up
Usagi says this to tranform into Super Sailormoon using the Holy Grail.
Moon Eternal, Make Up
This transforms her into Eternal Sailormoon.

Other Moon Power .... ni nare

Usagi says this to transform into other people.
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