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Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury
Name:Amy Anderson
Birthday:September 10
Astrological Sign:Virgo
Blood Type:A
Favorite Food:Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food:Tuna
School:Crossroads Junior High School
Favorite School Subject:Math
Least Favorite Subject:none
Has Trouble with:Love Letters
Favorite Animal:Cats
Favorite Colors:Aquamarine & Light Blue
Favorite Gem Stone:Sapphire
Strong Points:Calculating
Best QualitySmart Strategist
Hobbies: Computers
Likes:Reading, Playing Chess
Dislikes:Practical Jokes
Future Ambition:Doctor
Voice Actress:Karen Bernstein

Amy is probably the smartest person you'll ever come across. Her grades are always at least 99% and she studies really hard everyday, she was even accepted into medical school in Germany!. She's also very sweet, and a little shy at times. When Amy first transfers to the school, she has a little trouble fitting in, but she and Serena become fast friends. Life as the genius of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Mercury, isn't the easiest thing in the world but Amy is always up for a challenge.
Attacks & Transformations
Mercury Power
Amy says this to activate her transformation pen and turn into Sailor Mercury
Mercury Star Power
Amy says this to turn into Sailor Mercury in the second series with new transformation pen.

Mercury Bubbles Blast

This is Sailor Mercury's main attack. It releases a fog of bubbles which blinds her enemies for a short period of time.
Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze
This attack is like Mercury Bubbles Blast, but they freeze the enemy instead of creating a fog.
Mercury Ice Storm Blast (Shine Aqua Illusion)
Sailor Mercury creates an ice storm which freezes her target with a splash!

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