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Super Sailormercury

Senshi of Water and Wisdom
Name:Mizuno Ami
Name Meaning:"Beauty of Water"
Birthday:September 10
Astrological Sign:Virgo
Blood Type:A
Favorite Food:Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food:Hamachi (Yellow-Tail Tuna)
School:Juuban Junior High School
Favorite School Subject:Math
Least Favorite Subject:none
Has Trouble with:Love Letters
Favorite Animal:Dogs
Favorite Colors:Aquamarine & Light Blue
Favorite Gem Stone:Sapphire
Strong Points:Calculating
Best QualitySmart Strategist
Hobbies: Computers
Likes:Reading, Playing Chess
Dislikes:Practical Jokes
Future Ambition:Doctor
Voice Actress:Hisakawa Aya

Description coming soon...
Attacks & Transformations used as Sailormercury
Shabon Spray
This attack creates a fog of bubbles blinding the enemy shortly. This is mostly a defensive attack.
Shabon Spray Freezing
This attack freezes the enemy.
Double Shabon Spray
Pretty much the same as her Shabon Spray, but more powerful.
Shine Aqua Illusion
Sailormercury spins around and then throws ice cold water at the enemy.
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
Super Sailormercury's attack.
Aqua Mirage
Super Sailormercury's special attack in Ami-chan no Hatsukoi.

Mercury Power, Make Up

Ami says this to transform into Sailormercury.
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Same transformation as above, different transformation pen.
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up
This transforms Ami into Super Sailormercury.
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