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Sailor Mars
Name:Raye Hino
Birthday:April 17
Astrological Sign:Aries
Blood Type:AB
Favorite Food:Vegetarian Pizza
Least Favorite Food:Asparagus
School:Brookdale Private School
Favorite School Subject:Classical Literature, Ancient Writing
Least Favorite Subject:Modern Social Studies
Has Trouble with:Being Open
Favorite Animal:Panda
Favorite Colors:Red & Black
Favorite Gem Stone:Ruby
Strong Point:Fire Reading
Best QualityDedication to Causes
Hobbies:Fortune Telling, Writing Music
Future Ambition:Singer, Song Writer, Model
Voice Actresses:Katie Griffin & Emilie Barlow

Raye is a passionate teenage girl who has a crush on Darien. At school, Raye is considered a queen and her schoolmates are happy to wait on her. She thinks a lot of her friends, but can be very mean at times, especially to Serena. Raye thinks Serena's a bit too much of a bubble head to be leader of the Sailor Scouts but learns in time that she judged too quickly. Raye currently lives in a temple with her grandfather at the Cherry Hill Temple.
Attacks & Transformations
Mars Power
Raye says this to activate her transformation pen and turn into Sailor Mars.
Mars Star Power
Raye says this to turn into Sailor Mars in the second series with new transformation pen.

Mars Fireballs Charge

In this attack Raye or Sailor Mars holds up a special magic talisman, which is believed to be an ancient bad luck charm. When she says those words and throws the talisman, that monster becomes paralyzed.
Mars Fire Ignite
This is Sailor Mars' main attack, she puts her two index fingers together and a fireball immerges that she can control and direct at any target.
Mars Fire Bird Strike
This is a powerful attack used by Sailor Mars using a bird made of fire which can fly around and destroy enemies.
Mars Celestial Fire Surround
Sailor Mars says to form several rings of fire which can be directed at any target.
Mars Fire-Storm Flash
This activates a continuous stream of fire which Sailor Mars can use against any opponent.
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