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Super Sailormars

Senshi of Spirit and Fire
Name:Hino Rei
Name Meaning:"Soul of Fire"
Birthday:April 17
Astrological Sign:Aries
Blood Type:AB
Favorite Food:Fugu (blowfish)
Least Favorite Food:Canned Asparagus
School:T*A Private Girls' School
Favorite School Subject:Classical Literature, Ancient Writing
Least Favorite Subject:Modern Social Studies
Has Trouble with:Being Open
Favorite Animal:Birds
Favorite Colors:Red & Black
Favorite Gem Stone:Ruby
Strong Point:Fire Reading
Best QualityDedication to Causes
Hobbies:Fortune Telling, Writing Music
Future Ambition:Singer, Song Writer, Model
Voice Actress:Tomizawa Michie

Description coming soon...
Attacks & Transformations used as Sailormars
Fire Soul
This is Sailormars' main attack. She clasps her hands together and a fireball forms at her fingertips and shoots towards the youma.
Fire Soul Bird
In this attack, a bird is formed out of fire instead of a fireball and it flys towards the oponent.
Burning Mandala
Sailormars swoops down and traces a circle in the air with fire then holds her hands out in front of her and a ball of fire is directed at the youma.
Mars Flame Sniper
Super Sailormars uses an archer bow to shoot fire at oponents.

Mars Power, Make Up

Rei says this to transform into Sailormars
Mars Star Power, Make Up
A different transformation pen to transform for Rei to transform into Sailormars with.
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up
Rei says this to transform into Super Sailormars.
Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Sai, Zen. Akuryou Taisan!
Rei uses a scroll with writing on it to paralyize evil people.
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