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Sailor Jupiter
Birthday:December 5
Astrological Sign:Saggitarius
Blood Type:O positive
Favorite Food:Cherry Pie, Meatloaf
Least Favorite Food:none
School:Crossroads Junior High School
Favorite School Subject:Home Economics, History
Least Favorite Subject:Physics
Has Trouble with:Airplanes, Boyfriends
Favorite Animal:Horses
Favorite Colors:Green & Pink
Favorite Gem Stone:Emerald
Strong Points:Cooking, Skating, Fighting
Best Qualities:Strong, Athletic, Understanding
Hobbies:Bargain Hunting
Likes:Romance Novels
Dislikes:Cheaters, Bullies
Future Ambition:Own a Restaurant
Voice Actress:Susan Roman

Lita is the tallest and toughest of the Sailor Scouts, and was rumored to have been expelled from her former school for fighting. She still wears the same school uniform because Crossroads didn't have her size! Lita and Serena became friends almost as soon as she arrived at school. She's a bit of a tomboy, but still gets constant crushes on boys and loves cooking. She currently lives alone because her parents died in a plane crash. Some people think that's the reason why she likes to fight a lot. Overall, Lita's a born leader and an accomplished athlete.
Attacks & Transformations
Jupiter Power
Lita says this to activate her transformation pen and turn into Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Star Power
Lita says this to turn into Sailor Jupiter in the second series with new transformation pen.

Jupiter Thunder Crash (Supreme Thunder Crash)

This is Sailor Jupiter's main attack. An antenna rises up from her tiara and collects lightning from the sky, which Jupiter can be redirected to her enemies.
Jupiter Thunder Dragon
Sailor Jupiter creates a dragon made of lightning which can attack a specific target. The dragon visually eats the enemy.
Jupiter Thunder-Clap Zap
Sailor Jupiter gathers lightning into a discus and throws it at an enemy. This is the strongest attack of the sailor scouts excluding Sailor Moon.
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