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Super Sailorjupiter

Senshi of Strength and Heart
Name:Kino Makoto
Name Meaning:"Heart of Wood"
Birthday:December 5
Astrological Sign:Saggitarius
Blood Type:O positive
Favorite Food:Cherry Pie
Least Favorite Food:none
School:Juuban Junior High School
Favorite School Subject:Home Economics, History
Least Favorite Subject:Physics
Has Trouble with:Airplanes, Boyfriends
Favorite Animal:Horses
Favorite Colors:Green & Pink
Favorite Gem Stone:Emerald
Strong Points:Cooking, Skating, Fighting
Best Qualities:Strong, Athletic, Understanding
Hobbies:Bargain Hunting
Likes:Romance Novels
Dislikes:Cheaters, Bullies
Future Ambition:Own a Restaurant or a Flower Shop
Voice Actress:Shinohara Emi

Description coming soon...
Attacks & Transformations used as Sailorjupiter
Supreme Thunder
Sailorjupiter's attack where she draws lightning out of the sky with her tiara. The energy is then redirected at the youma.
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Same idea as above, but a dragon is formed and 'eats' the youma.
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Sailorjupiter creates a disk of lightning that she throws at the enemy.
Jupiter Oak Evolution
Super Sailorjupiter spins around and around very fast and energy starts flying out in all directions from her tiara.

Jupiter Power, Make Up

Makoto says this to transform into Sailorjupiter.
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Makoto uses a different transformation pen to transform into Sailorjupiter.
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up
Makoto says this to transform into Super Sailorjupiter.
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