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Sailor Chibi Chibi

Not much is known of this really cute little 2 year old. No one really knows where she came from, but that she came floating down from the sky holding onto a parasol. She can't really talk except for say "Chibi" and somewhat imitate what other people say. Okay, so who are her parents? Well, she's not Chibi Usa's daughter from the future, she's not Usagi and Seiya's child (although personally, we think she should be, those two make a better couple in our opinion than old boring Mamoru). She is in fact, a part of Sailor Galaxia, the good part, or the "light of hope" that could save them all. She has quite a bit of magic power and is generous and has really cute heart-shaped odango.

Chibi Chibi has a transformation, but she just kind of pops out of a bubble...

Anyone know more about Chibi Chibi? e-mail us with your info.

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