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Real Name:Serena
Nickname:Rabbit, Small Lady
Birthday:June 30
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Blood Type:O negative
Favorite Foods:Ice Cream, Pudding
Least Favorite Food:Carrots
Has Trouble with:Thunderstorms
Favorite Animal:Bunny Rabbit
Favorite Colors:Red & Pink
Favorite Gem Stone:Diamond
Strong Point:Tricking People into Giving Her Things
Future Ambition:to be Graceful Like her Mother
Voice Actress:Tracey Hoyt

Reeny is the child of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Darien from the far future. When Crystal Tokyo had come under attack, Sailor Pluto sent Reeny into the past to ensure that she was not captured. Her mission was to find her mother in the past and bring the Silver Crystal back to the future.

Reeny is quite similar to Serena, but she is much more of a brat. She and Darien instantly become attached, not knowing that they were related, though Reeny falls in love with him, her father... Her robotic companion, Luna Ball, is her protector, a way of communicating with the future, and a multipurpose manipulative tool that transforms. The key she wears around her neck allows her to travel through time. Reeny is short for Serena, she was named after her mother.

Special Powers
Luna Ball Kitty Magic (Luna Sphere Kitty Magic, Kitty Power)
Reeny says this while bouncing Luna Ball to tranform her into some other object.
Crystal Key Take Me Home
Reeny says this by holding her time key in the air to travel through time. This is very dangerous and should only be used in an emergency.
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