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Super Sailorchibimoon

Senshi of the Future of the Moon
Name: Chibi Usa
Name Meaning: "Little Rabbit"
Nicknames: Small Lady
Birthday: June 30
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Height: 3'5"
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
School: Minato-ku Juuban Elementary School
Favorite School Subject: Drawing
Least Favorite Subject: Languages
Has Trouble with: Thunderstorms, Taking Care of the House
Favorite Colors: Red & Pink
Favorite Gem Stone: Diamond
Strong Point: Getting Poeple to Give her Things
Hobbies: Collecting Rabbit Stuff

Description coming...
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack
  • Twinkle Yell
  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up
  • Moon Crisis, Make Up
  • Luna-P Henge
  • Luna-P Magic
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