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Tuxedo Mask
Birthday:August 3
Astrological Sign:Leo
Blood Type:A
Favorite Food:Chocolate
Least Favorite Food:none
University:Azabu Institute of Technology
Favorite School Subject:Physics
Least Favorite Subject:none
Has Trouble with:Needles, Serena's Crying
Favorite Colors:Black
Favorite Gem Stone:Jet
Strong Points:Perfect Gentleman
Best Quality:Rose Throwing
Hobbies:Reading, Karate
Future Ambition:Doctor
Voice Actors:Toby Proctor, Rino Romano, Vince Corazza

Darien currently lives alone in an apartment in Tokyo, his parents died in a car accident when he was young. He grew up at an orphanage until he was old enough to live by himself. Until recently, he did not know what his identity was. He didn't even know whether or not he was Tuxedo Mask. When the forces of darkness decend upon the earth he transforms into the caped hero, Tuxedo Mask. He primarily offers moral support for the Sailor Scouts.
Attacks & Transformations
For Darien's transformation, he holds up a rose and automatically wears a tuxedo. Then a hat spins around and lands on his head.

Tuxedo Mask's main attack is throwing a red rose and sometimes fights with his cane. The rose is also an indicator of how he's feeling emotionally.

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